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IDEAL Pedagogy Projects

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In the Winter 2022 Showcase of IDEAL Pedagogy Departmental Projects, teams from four departments gave lightning talks on their work to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and access at Stanford.

Art and Art History

Department team members: Emanuele Lugli, Sarah Peck, Bissera Pentcheva, Adam Tobin, Camille Utterback

Developmental Tool Kit & Engaging with Native American Art at the Cantor (8:37)

The Art and Art History team helped realize a key project goal—developing teaching possibilities around objects and texts created by Native Americans—through organizing a Spring 2022 workshop by Native American Artist-Basket-Weaver, Corine Pearce.

Poster for Basket Weaving Workshop
View the poster

Poster for the Spring 2022 workshop (PDF)


Department team members: Susan Clark, Bruce Macintosh, Adam Mantz, Enrique Lopez Rodriguez, Cyndia Yu

Enhancing introductory astronomy for non-science majors (5:45)


Department team members: Isaac Applebaum, Nathaniel Brown, Dory DeWeese, Jennifer Schwartz Poehlmann, Sameer Sundrani, Robert Waymouth

Resource (PDF) 

Working Towards Equitable Outcomes in Chemistry 31A (9:10)


Department team members: Christina Kim, Charles Kronengold, Lloyd May, Michael Mulshine, Paul Phillips, Julie Zhu

Working toward Equity and Inclusion (in the classroom and beyond) (7:41)