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Assess Your Teaching

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Improve Learning Through Feedback and Reflection

Collecting, understanding, and responding to feedback is essential for educators who strive for the best learning outcomes. We offer many ways for you to gain meaningful feedback on your teaching and your students’ learning.

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Mid-Term Feedback

Mid-term feedback, through in-class small group feedback, mid-term online feedback, and class recording and consultations, can help you gain valuable perspectives on your students’ learning experiences.

End-Term Feedback

End-term course feedback can provide insight into what is working well and suggest ways to develop your teaching to enhance student learning. End-term feedback is managed by Evaluation & Research in Student Affairs.

Remote Learning Questions

These questions, developed in collaboration with CTL,  Evaluation & Research (Student Affairs), and VPUE, are suggestions for instructors looking to customize their evaluations to help inform any future remote and online learning.


Systematic reflection can provide many forms of evidence of teaching effectiveness. Learn some easy strategies for keeping track of your teaching and creating a teaching portfolio.

Interpret and Respond

Reviewing, interpreting, and responding appropriately to student feedback is an important part of using feedback to inform and support your teaching practices.

Input from Colleagues

Peers are a valuable resource for assessing teaching. Peer observations, evaluation of course materials, and input on other contributions, including curriculum development, can provide useful points of reference.

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Gloriana Trujillo
Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs