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Course Design Institute 2022

The CTL Course Design Institute (CDI) is a multi-day workshop that provides Stanford faculty and lecturers with a collaborative environment in which to design a new course—or modify an existing course—optimized for student inclusion, learning, and engagement.

CDI will run September 7 to September 9, 2022. Due to limited spaces, admission is by application only by 5 p.m. PDT on Monday, August 8, 2022.

Apply for CDI 2022

Faculty Services

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Programs, Workshops & Grants

Teaching advancement grant programs, digital learning workshops for humanitie

Kenny Ligda
Associate Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs
408 Panama Mall

Course Design Institute

Gloriana Trujillo
Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs, STEM
408 Panama Mall

TA Training

Amanda Modell
Associate Director of Graduate Teaching Programs
408 Panama Mall

Academic Technology & Tools

iPads for learning

Kenji Ikemoto
Academic Technology Specialist
(650) 488-1492
408 Panama Mall

Academicic technology solutions

Mike Rouan
Senior Director, Academic Technology Innovation
(650) 723-4242
408 Panama Mall



Learner Engagement and Experience

Teaching strategies

Gloriana Trujillo
Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs
408 Panama Mall

Teaching strategies, humanities and social sciences, Graduate School of Education, Law School

Kritika Yegnashankaran
Associate Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs
(650) 497-0040
408 Panama Mall

Feedback and Evaluation

Gloriana Trujillo
Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs
408 Panama Mall