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CTL's Graduate Teaching Programs offers a suite of workshops that we can bring to your department or group. We'll customize these workshops based on your discipline and the needs of your TAs and graduate student instructors. 

Request a Grad Workshop from CTL

Student Workshop

When you request a workshop from Graduate Teaching Programs, a trained Graduate Teaching Consultant or CTL staff member will visit your group's regularly scheduled meeting to lead development on the following topics:

1. Holding Zoom Discussions and Office Hours in STEM

2. Holding Zoom Discussions and Office Hours in Social Sciences and Humanities

3. Student Engagement Online

4. Setting the Foundation: Starting with Learning and Working Backwards

5. Helping Your Students Check Their Progress: Goal-Oriented Assessments

6. Effective Class Sessions: Creating Engaging Lessons for All Students

7. Grading Problem Sets, Labs, and Exams

8. Leading Essential Conversations about Identity and Power

9. Accessibility in Action: Universal Design for Learning

10. Designing a Learning-Centered Syllabus

11. Anti-Racist and Equitable Teaching Strategies

12. Decolonizing the Syllabus

13. Student Metacognition

14. Making Groups Work in Class

15. Helping Your Students Think More Critically

All workshops are available remotely and contain content germane to online teaching. They are also available in durations from 50-90 minutes. We do ask that you request a workshop at least three weeks prior to your proposed date. 

Don't see the topic that interests you? Please reach out to Amanda Modell at

CTL also offers the following courses to prepare graduate students to design and lead their own university and college courses:

VPTL 280: Learning & Teaching of Science - The course involves readings, discussion, and application of ideas through the creation of learning activities.

VPTL 312:  Science and Engineering Course Design - Learn how to design effective course materials applying research in science and engineering. Topics include syllabus design, course content and format decisions, assessment planning and grading, and strategies for teaching improvement.


Contact Amanda Modell, Associate Director, Graduate Teaching Programs, for more information or to request a workshop for your department.
408 Panama Mall