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Student Initiated Courses

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Student Initiated Courses (SICs) are undergraduate activity courses—component code ACT—that are initiated by undergraduate student(s) and sponsored by faculty member(s). This Student Services page (Stanford sign-in required) contains more information about SICs.

Training for students with instructional roles in SICs

CTL provides training and support for students with instructional roles in SICs. CTL recommends the following:

  • TA Orientation: TAs and SIC student instructors have significant overlapping responsibilities and need to be familiar with the same guidance and policies. TA Orientation is offered quarterly in-person and in a self-paced online format, TAO Any Time.
  • (Re)Designing Your Course: a self-paced Canvas course that guides students involved in helping to design SICs on sound practices in course design.
  • Follow-up Consultation: After investigating the resources above, students with instructional roles in SICs are welcome to request a consultation to address any remaining questions.

If a student needs documentation of training to provide to their faculty sponsor or department, they may contact CTL at to request it.