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Subject Matter Tutoring

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The Tutoring Program provides free subject tutoring through drop-in sessions and/or appointments with peers who are specially trained to help students develop the skills needed to be successful in their classes.

Our programs aim to develop self-directed learners, to teach transferable academic skills, and to create a safe space for students to take intellectual risks.

Subject Tutoring

Who We Are

Our office serves over 1,100 students with nearly 5,400 visits with our subject and language conversation partner sessions. We are here to help you support your students’ learning potential, by providing services and programs for all undergraduate and graduate students. Our trained Stanford undergraduate/co-term students use their academic subject-specific expertise to coach students.

Tim Randazzo​, Director of Graduate Teaching and Student Learning Programs

Yvonne Ngo, Assistant Director, Tutoring and Student Learning Programs

Who We Support

Our tutoring program helps students develop problem-solving and other learning skills in about 60 core courses, across ten different subjects: Biology, Chemistry, CME, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Human Biology, Math, Physics, and Statistics.

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About Our Tutoring Sessions

Appointments and drop-in sessions are available in Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters, from the Sunday of week two until the last day of classes.

For most subjects, students can make a one-on-one appointment with a tutor through our online scheduler. Appointments typically last between 45-60 minutes, and sessions are student-driven. Students can meet with tutors in a variety of locations across campus including community centers, dorms, libraries, and lounges.

For some subjects like chemistry, CME, math, and physics, students have the option to come to one of our drop-in locations. Drop-in sessions typically are held in the evenings, and students are welcome to stay as long or as little as they like. Tutors hold drop-in sessions in 408 Panama Mall, community centers, and at group study nights. 

What Our Tutors Do

  • Complete over 15 hours of tutor training workshops designed to prepare tutors to thoughtfully support student learning by using research-based practices.
  • Meet with other tutors on a bi-weekly basis to undergo continued training and to discuss subject-specific questions.
  • Guide students by asking questions rather than providing answers or correcting errors.
  • Discuss and break down course concepts, problem sets, and studying techniques.
  • Review study strategies and tips for test preparation while the student provides the materials.

How You Can Help

  • Interested in having a tutor visit your class to briefly introduce themselves and our program? Contact Yvonne Ngo at
  • Add an announcement to Canvas, like this sample:

CTL Tutoring Resources

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers free tutoring and foreign language conversation practice for a number of different courses on campus. Tutors can work with you and discuss course concepts, problem sets, and study strategies. For more information, visit:

  • Add an insert in your syllabus, like this:

Free CTL Tutoring

Want to meet with an experienced peer to discuss course concepts, think through a problem set, or prepare for an upcoming exam? The Center for Teaching and Learning offers free drop-in and/or appointment tutoring for this course and a variety of other courses. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit the tutoring page.

Where Students Can Learn More

Send your students to, where they can:

  • Check out our drop-in schedule
  • Read about our subject tutors
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Check out our policies and FAQs


Contact Yvonne Ngo at