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Mid-Term Feedback

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CTL consultants are available to help you gather and process data to enhance your teaching. Use one of the following services to help you gain valuable insights into your students’ learning experience.

Mid-Term Small Group Feedback Session (SGFS)

Schedule Your SGFS

An SGFS is a great way to gather suggestions from your students while you still have time to implement changes. A trained consultant joins one of your class meetings during the last 20 minutes and, in your absence, places students in groups to brainstorm responses to feedback questions. Then, as a full class, the consultant works with students to clarify and vote on their suggestions. The consultant then meets with you to discuss the feedback. You can read about the full process here

Schedule your SGFS for Weeks 4-6 of the quarter. After that, it'll be too late to put into practice what you learn. Please submit your request at least one week before your preferred SGFS date and, if your course has multiple sections, choose only one to run the SGFS.

Mid-Term Online Feedback Surveys

Create an Online Survey 

Another way to gather feedback from students is to use an anonymous online survey. Click the button above to see a list of tools and example questions from Evaluation & Research in Student Affairs that you can use to create your own survey. Request a consultation with CTL if you would like help customizing your survey or interpreting the results.

Class Video Recording or Observation

Schedule Your Video or Class Observation

A trained consultant can review your class recording and help you to reflect on your teaching in the footage. You'll then meet virtually to discuss your reflections and possibly brainstorm different teaching and learning approaches you might consider. If your class is not being recorded, a consultant can observe part of a synchronous class meeting and meet with you after to discuss. If your course has multiple sections, please choose only one to be observed.