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Course-Specific Workshops

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Have you ever felt like your students know what to learn but not how to learn it most effectively? Academic Coaches offer course-specific workshops, tailored to the academic strategies you most want your students to master.

After a meeting with you to discuss your goals, the Academic Coach will design and deliver a workshop that integrates your teaching philosophy and the specific challenges your students face.

Course-Specific Workshops


What Do Course-Specific Workshops Cover?

Common topics (in humanities, STEM, and social sciences) include but are not limited to:

  • Problem solving in STEM
  • Meaningful class participation
  • Reading and note-taking strategies
  • Exam preparation and anxiety
  • Love of learning
  • Time management
  • Advisor/mentor relations

Schedule Your Workshop

To schedule a consultation for a course-specific workshop, email Tim Randazzo, Director of Student Learning Programs:

What Do Other Instructors Say?

“The Academic Coach did several workshops during my introductory course that emphasized study strategies and helped promote student resilience. In preparation for the meeting, he met with the teaching team and developed a list of study strategies and tips for success to provide students. This document has been very helpful, and we plan to continue to share the document and work with Academic Coaches to further develop programs and workshops for students.”

Charlie Cox, Chemistry Lecturer