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Hardware and Equipment

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These hardware solutions can address many common instructional situations. The following equipment is available for a short-term loan. We will help you identify and evaluate a solution that is right for your situation.

Borrow equipment

All equipment is intended for short-term loans for testing and evaluation. With the exception of the iPad program, we currently have a limited number of devices and cannot support long-term loans, nor do we have the resources to purchase equipment for you.

If you're not sure what you need, request a consultation. We'll work with you to determine what might be the best solution and will help you learn how to use it.

To borrow any of the equipment please complete the request form.

Equipment loan request form

If you have any questions, email

Hybrid remote participation solutions

These tools can help you bring remote participants into your live in-person class session, workshop, or meeting.

Meeting Owl

Meeting Owl

The Meeting Owl integrates a 360-degree camera, speakers, and directional microphones into a single solution. Connect the Owl to your computer and use it as a web camera in Zoom. It makes it easy for remote participants to see multiple faces in a single camera feed. It works best for roundtable meetings and seminars where people gather around a table in a small room. 

Man talking to a woman on screen

Double telepresence robot

The Double is a telepresence robot that combines web conferencing with remote control mobility. A remote participant connects to the robot and starts a video call. They can then drive the robot around and video conference with people in the in-person space. It is useful for remote participants who will independently move around a large space. 

Video conferencing with a colleague on the Kubi

Kubi telepresence robot

Kubi is a swiveling remote control tabletop mount used for web conferencing. Users join a Zoom meeting from the iPad that is attached to the Kubi. Then participants can remote control the Kubi to turn, and "look" around the room. It's good for small groups doing discussion or small group meetings. It's also useful for remote participants who need to look at different parts of a classroom or lab.

Huddly IQ camera on a table

Huddly IQ recording kit

This recording kit includes the Huddly IQ camera, a conference speaker-microphone, and a mini tabletop tripod. This setup works best when the camera and microphone are less than 20 feet from what is being recorded. Therefore it is appropriate for pre-recording lectures at your office, or for small to medium sized classrooms where only the instructor is being recorded. The equipment connects via USB to a laptop so works seamlessly with Zoom, Panopto, or other software solutions.

IMPORTANT: These kits are offered and supported by Learning Technologies & Spaces, not our team here. To request this item please view the LTS documentation linked below.

Documentation on Huddly recording kits

Tablet solutions

We have a variety of tablet solutions available for testing and short-term loan in a variety of form-factors and operating systems.

Using a Surface Pro

Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is a full-function Windows laptop that has a touchscreen. It is ideal for users who want digital handwriting functionality on the Windows operating system.

Woman holding an iPad


The iPad is a touchscreen tablet that uses Apple's iPadOS. This solution is recommended for general digital handwriting, whiteboarding, and other touchscreen solutions. ATSL has a large inventory of iPads available for loan to instructors and TAs through the iPads for Teaching and Learning program. 


We have a variety of microphones suitable for high-quality audio recording, wireless mobility, and audience participation.

Woman speaking into Yeti microphone

Yeti microphone

The Yeti microphone is a desk-top USB microphone that is ideal for recording high-quality audio for a podcast, Zoom meeting, or video production in an office or studio environment. It is not recommended for capturing audio from multiple sources, in a noisy environment such as a classroom, or if the person being recorded will be moving around a space.

Lavalier microphone

Wireless lapel microphone

This wireless USB microphone includes a clip-on lapel microphone and a small receiver pack. It is useful for those who are moving around when they are being recorded, such as while delivering a lecture or presentation.

Catchbox microphone


The Catchbox is a wireless throwable microphone system. The Catchbox kit includes one throwable microphone and one lapel microphone that can be used together with the wireless receiver. It is ideal for audience Q&A sessions in a large room, where multiple people will pass a single microphone around a space.


These display solutions can help in terms of portability, providing more digital desktop space, or adding smartboard functionality to your workspace.

Vibe screen

Vibe Smartboard

The Vibe is a 55-inch smartboard device that can be rolled into a room and used for digital whiteboarding, Zoom meetings, and more. It includes a large number of popular apps such as Google Suite tools, Zoom, and web browsers. It is ideal for team meetings and small group working sessions.

Portable touchscreen monitor

Portable monitor

This is a flatscreen that can plug into your laptop and act as an extra screen. It is light, can fold flat and fits easily in a bag. It is about the size of a large notebook. It is ideal if you need more screen space and portability.

Miniature projector

Mini projector

This small projector is very portable. It connects to your laptop and is best for small rooms. The projector lamps are not very powerful so this is best for a dimly lit space. It is useful for presenting to a small group where a monitor or projector is not available, or when travelling.

Virtual reality

VR can allow people to interact and engage with digital content in different and innovative ways, whether for instruction, learning, or research.

Woman wearing Oculus VR headset

Meta Quest VR Headset

The Meta Quest is an all-in-one VR headset that can act as a standalone headset using the Android operating system, or connect to a computer running Meta-compatible VR software.