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Promote Inclusive Learning

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Working Together Towards Inclusion

Stanford and the Center for Teaching and Learning are committed to fostering a learning environment that meets the needs of all its diverse students.

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We can help you implement and enhance practices that create an inclusive learning environment and support the success of your students, including members of underrepresented groups.

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Teaching Tools

This online toolkit provides basic information, a short list of strategies and tools, and additional resources for understanding the multiple facets of diversity and inclusion.

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IDEAL Pedagogy Program

The IDEAL Pedagogy Program provides a unified curriculum around inclusive and equitable pedagogy that represents diversity, promotes belonging, and equalizes access.

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Inclusive Learning Strategies

Fostering a culture of awareness, tolerance and respect with your students helps all students feel that they belong and can succeed. Learn more about how you can support a diverse student body.

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What I Wish My Professor Knew

This page provides a brief introduction to some of the relevant issues for First-Generation and/or Low-Income (FLI) students at Stanford, including challenges during the Spring 2020 pandemic.

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Support for your Students

There are many resources available to support your students when they need help. Find out about our academic advising and skills coaching, tutoring services, and when to refer students to mental health counseling.

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Diversity and Inclusion Resources on Campus and Beyond

There is a broad array of services and resources across campus to support diversity and inclusion. Explore campus-wide diversity activities, current research on diversity and inclusion, and external resources for teaching and learning.