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IDEAL Pedagogy Team Projects: Evidence-Based Ideas

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Open to all departments, programs, and academic groups instructing Stanford students.

Departments, programs, and other academic groups committed to creating an enduring culture of inclusive teaching can form a team to complete a pedagogical project. Projects can be anything from redesigning a gateway course to developing shared assessment rubrics.

To help spark your ideas, explore the eight evidence-based ideas for team projects, from building inclusive lab and archival environments to creating cornerstone experiences, below.

You can also review past and ongoing IDEAL Pedagogy team projects.

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Redesign a Gateway Course

Gateway courses shape students’ sense of belonging and prospective success in college. Research shows that underrepresented students have a lower rate of success in such courses. Learn how to make IDEAL gateway courses that highlight thriving and belonging for everyone.

Teach Differently for Different Students

Differentiated instruction involves teaching in a way that meets the different needs and interests of students using varied course content, activities, and assessments.

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Build Inclusive Hands-On Environments

Laboratories, fields, archives, and studios play a vital role in students' learning. These spaces let students interact with the course content, fostering their curiosity and intellectual vitality. Learn about strategies for creating inclusive hands-on environments.

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Create Cornerstone Experiences

Cornerstone experiences highlight learning across a major. These can extend to deepen skills that can be applied in real world beyond the university. Learn about introducing cornerstone experiences in your classes.

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Incorporate Research Methods into Undergraduate Courses

Showcasing how research is done in your field and giving students opportunities to learn about and practice research methods strongly supports diversity in higher education. Learn about strategies to increase diverse participation in research through your classes.

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Collaborate with Students on Course Design and Instructional Practice

Collaborating with students on course design and instructional practice increases student engagement and supports diversity in the classroom. Learn about incorporating diversity-focused educational development through partnership with students.

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Design a Capstone Experience

Designing an IDEAL capstone experience promotes the learning and development of all students to set them up for success beyond college. Learn about strategies to incorporate IDEAL learning in your department capstones.


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Develop a Multi-Year TA Development Curriculum

Research shows that graduate students whose training continues during and beyond their initial teaching experience report higher levels of confidence and empowerment in their classroom. Learn about CTL resources to accompany your department teaching team in this goal.

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Empower Students Through Academic Technology

When planning hybrid online and in-person learning experiences, it is important to plan for digital inclusion, student engagement, and accommodations. Learn about using academic technology to promote inclusion in your classroom.


Forming an IDEAL Pedagogy project team

Interested in forming, or joining, an IDEAL Pedagogy project team, but not sure how to proceed? Please feel welcome to email Kritika Yegnashankaran, Director of the IDEAL Pedagogy program, with your questions or to schedule a brief conversation, at