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IDEAL Pedagogy

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The IDEAL Pedagogy program provides a unified curriculum around inclusive and equitable pedagogy to represent all dimensions of diversity, promote student belonging, and equalize access for all students.

Aligned with Stanford University’s Presidential IDEAL initiative—Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in a Learning Environment—and CTL’s core mission to support evidence-based and inclusive instruction, the program is designed for instructors and departments and programs enrolling Stanford undergraduate and graduate students, across schools and disciplines.

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Program Goals

Whether participants are individual instructors, or teams from departments or programs, participation in IDEAL Pedagogy will enable participants to:

  • Integrate diverse examples, peoples, and texts into course design (Module 1: Including Diverse Representation)
  • Encourage learning student peer learning through group work and discussion (Module 2: Integrating Peer-to-Peer Learning)
  • Enact and uphold a classroom culture of respect for all students (Module 3: Creating a Positive Community)
  • Provide accessible resources and connections to meet the needs of all students (Module 4: Making Success Accessible)
  • Design inclusive learning assessments for students (Module 5: Giving Inclusive Assessments)
  • Identify and defuse racist practices in course design and instruction (Module 6: Anti-Racist Pedagogy)
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 Pathways for Participation

Course Syllabus Consultation

Make your course syllabus more inclusive through personalized consultation with a CTL staff member.

IDEAL Pedagogy Learning Community

Participate in a quarter-long learning community with other instructors.

Instructors presenting

Learn more about IDEAL Pedagogy

Watch a short video discussion about the format and goals of CTL's IDEAL Pedagogy program, with insights from previous participants on projects and outcomes for their own teaching.

An informal discussion of the IDEAL Pedagogy program


For additional questions about the IDEAL Pedagogy program and how to get involved, or for help developing a department or program project proposal, please contact:

Kritika Yegnashankaran

Kritika Yegnashankaran
Associate Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs

Interested in joining our IDEAL Pedagogy Mailing List?

Please email Kritika Yegnashankaran, Associate Director of Faculty and Lecturer Programs, at

Our Team

Allison Kendra

Allison Kendra
CTL Lecturer Consultant and Lecturer, Anthropology



Our current student team

    Leslie Espinoza Campomanes

    Leslie Espinoza Campomanes

    Leslie Luqueno

    Leslie Luqueño

    Rachel Dubit

    Rachel Dubit 

    Past Contributors

    • Ashley Song (alumna; former undergraduate and Masters student)
    • Catherine Stark (alumna; former PhD student)
    • Judy Nguyen (PhD student)
    • Malia Jane Mendez (undergraduate student)
    • Matthew Palmer (PhD student)
    • Melissa Ko (former instructor and CTL lecturer-consultant)
    • Sandra Valente (undergraduate student)
    • Selaine Rodriguez (undergraduate student)
    • Yunxin Li (PhD student)