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CIRTL Program Contacts

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For questions about CIRTL@ Stanford, feel free to email us at cirtl_stanford [at]

Program administration

Jamie Imam (she/her)

Jamie Imam

CIRTL Administrative Director
Lecturer-Consultant, CTL
Lecturer, Department of Biology
jamiec [at]

Kritika Yegnashankaran (she/her)

Kritika Yegnashankaran

CIRTL Administrative Co-Director
Associate director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs, CTL
kyegnashankaran [at]

Amanda Modell (she/her)


Associate director, Graduate Teaching Programs, CTL
amandamodell [at]


University Leadership

Gloriana Trujillo (she/her)

Gloriana Trujillo

CIRTL University Leadership
Interim director, CTL
Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs, CTL
gloriana [at]

 Stacey Bent (she/her)

headshot of Stacey Bent

CIRTL University Leadership                                                       
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs
sbent [at]


Advisory group

Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Lauri Dietz, Stanford Introductory Studies (SIS)
Shizuka Yamada, COLLEGE

Graduate School of Education

Ben Domingue

McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society

Anne Newman

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Sofie Kleppner

Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Anika Green

School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

Audrey Yau

School of Humanities and Sciences

Lanier Anderson
Marcelo Clerici-Arias
Justin Du Bois
Rebecca Gleit
Gabriella Safran

School of Engineering

Elisabeth Pate-Cornell
Sheri Sheppard

School of Medicine

Michael Gisondi