The MinT Program trains graduate students to mentor peers in their departments.

Mentors in Teaching (MinT)

The MinT Program trains experienced TAs to become department-based teaching mentors. After training, they support their departments’ TAs in specific courses, implement activities for the TAs to improve their teaching skills, provide feedback to departments about what TAs need to be effective in their duties, and act as a resource on teaching in general. 

"Listening to ideas and suggestions from other Mentors was extremely helpful.  They provided solutions to different mentoring challenges and also gave advice about changing established precedents."

- MinT Participant

"I liked speaking with people from other departments to have an idea about how things work elsewhere. I also discovered new aspects of teaching and mentoring.”

–MinT Participant

The primary mission of the MinT program is to equip these teaching mentors with the skills, resources, and knowledge necessary to be most effective to their departments.

MinT mentors support TAs in many different ways, focusing on the particular needs of the TAs within their departments. This includes:

  • Organizing department TA orientations or other training
  • Meeting with new TAs to create teaching development plans
  • Observing TA sections and providing constructive feedback
  • Teaching pedagogy courses and leading teaching development workshops
  • Leading weekly TA meetings and/or providing TA feedback in specific courses
  • Providing resources to TAs with specific teaching questions or challenges
  • Reviewing student feedback with TAs and discussing potential improvements
  • Leading practice teaching sessions
Feedback in teaching

MinT Mentors

MinT training events are open to any graduate student or postdoctoral fellow who is looking for more professional development in these areas. Even without a formally acknowledged role within their department, they are welcome to be active participants in MinT.

VPTL TA Orientation

MinT Fellows

Many departments have more formalized Teaching Mentor roles, filled by experienced graduate students who have been selected by their department (usually by the TA Training Director or Coordinator). For these Teaching Mentors we offer the opportunity to be recognized as a MinT Fellow.

MinT Fellows receive a letter at the end of the academic year in recognition of the following accomplishments:

  • a clearly articulated TA support role within the department that is approved by the faculty member with oversight responsibility for TA training.
  • completion of Autumn training (typically in two half-day sessions) to develop the skills and tools needed for effective mentoring of TAs.
  • contribution to the continued success of the MinT cohort by participating in the two follow-up MinT events each quarter.
  • reflection on the successes and challenges encountered in the Teaching Mentor role, resulting in a document summarizing the Mentor's impact over the year.


Contact Amanda Modell, Associate Director, Graduate Teaching Program, for more information at any time.

Amanda Modell
(650) 784-3129
408 Panama Mall