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Tomorrow's Professor

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The Tomorrow's Professor website has been deactivated and archived. 

About Tomorrow's Professor

From March 1988 through July 1, 2021, the Tomorrow's Professor eNewsletter was sponsored and hosted by CTL. The eNewsletter consisted of twice weekly postings on higher education topics, sent to over 65,000 subscribers. In total there were over 1,800 such postings on the Tomorrow's Professor website.

Professor Rick Reis, the editor and operator of Tomorrow's Professor, retired in 2021 and the mailing list was closed. The Tomorrow's Professor website continued to host previous postings. In 2022 the web hosting platform for Tomorrow's Professor was decommissioned by Web Services as part of an upgrade to Stanford Sites, and the site was deactivated.

Looking for more Tomorrow's Professor content?

Tomorrow's Professor is archived over several years on the Wayback Machine internet archive. See the Wayback Machine archive of Tomorrow's Professor to search for previous postings. If you know the specific link for a posting, or can browse close to the date of posting, that may be more effective than scanning the latest capture for links.

Please contact CTL at for more information about Tomorrow's Professor.