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TA Training Grants

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UPDATE (5/4/20):

CTL Teaching Advancement Grants Postponed

Due the the financial impacts of COVID-19, this grant opportunity has been postponed until further notice.

Take advantage of CTL grants designed to support teaching advancement.

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Teaching Advancement Grants can be used to fund projects that support graduate teaching development. Grants are awarded up to $2500 to Stanford faculty, lecturers, instructional teams, graduate students involved in TA training, and departments.

Possible uses of a grant for TA training include:

  • supporting graduate students in co-planning courses (e.g., graduate stipend for a quarter prior to the class)
  • compiling or developing resources for TA training and support
  • funding pilot projects such as a new TA training or mentoring program
  • designing a graduate pedagogy course
  • funding graduate student salaries or stipends to assist with work related to the grant project