Graduate Teaching Opportunities

Instructor & TA Positions

We have compiled a list of teaching opportunities with Stanford departments, programs, and partner institutions; tutoring and mentoring opportunities that allow you to work with students beyond classroom and lab settings; and community outreach programs to help you expand your teaching practice. We encourage you to reach out to other departments and programs to inquire about additional opportunities.

Grad Student Teaching

Tutoring & Mentoring Opportunities

Athletic Academic Resource Center

Graduate students work as tutors at drop-in and group sessions for a range of courses, typically introductory biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, math, physics, and statistics. 

CCNY-Stanford Humanities Exchange

This program hires Stanford graduate students to support the individual research projects of City College of New York (CCNY) participants at Stanford during an 8-week summer program. Graduate students serve as tutors/mentors and provide general writing and research advice.  

FAST: Stanford Future Advancers of Science and Technology

FAST is a program in which Stanford graduate students mentor San Jose high school students in developing and presenting innovative science projects.

Future Advancers of Science and Technology

Stanford graduate students mentor students at Andrew Hill High School. Contact Cooper Galvin to find out more.

Haas Center for Public Service

The Haas Educational Partnership program promotes educational equity in local communities by engaging Stanford students and community youth in mentoring and tutoring relationships. 

Hume Center for Writing and Speaking

This program hires graduate students from all disciplines to work as writing and oral communication tutors. 

Language and Orientation Tutoring Program

The LOT program matches international graduate students with graduate student tutors to work either 1:1 or in groups. They practice conversation skills and presentations, work on writing abstracts and grant proposals, and discuss American university culture. 

RISE Summer High School Internship

A 7-week program for low-income students who spend 30 hours/week on campus working in a lab under the guidance of a mentor. Graduate students and post docs mentor interns in their lab throughout the summer. Contact Maiken Bruhis at

Stanford Science Bus

An after-school science program for 2nd - 5th graders. Volunteer graduate and undergraduate students at Stanford University help develop and teach the programs.     

Summer EFS Tutors

English for Foreign Students (Language Center) hires grad students to tutor visiting international high school and undergrad students. The program runs from mid-June and mid-August. For more information, please click to contact Kristopher Geda.

Summer Session

Offers residential and non-residential summer employment options for undergraduate, recent graduates, and graduate students.

CTL Graduate Consultants and Mentors

Graduate students coach other graduate students teaching assistants.


Contact Amanda Modell, Associate Director, Graduate Teaching Programs, for more information at any time.
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