Graduate Teaching Consultants are Stanford PhD students who are experienced teachers and who have a passion for helping their peers to improve their teaching. Consultants offer a range of services for TAs, including Small Group Feedback Sessions (SGFSs), video consultations, classroom observations, microteaching sessions, and workshops on teaching.

Teaching Assistant at VPTL

Become a Graduate Consultant

**Deadline for CTL Graduate Teaching Consultant application extended**

If you’re passionate about teaching, you may be looking to develop your skills and network with like-minded colleagues. As a CTL Graduate Teaching Consultant, you’ll be able to grow your teaching practice and coach your peers. You'll have the chance to collaboratively facilitate workshops and conduct one-on-one and group teaching consultations such as Small Group Feedback Sessions, Microteaching, and Video Consultations.

Serving as a CTL Consultant gives you the chance to:

  • Collaborate with diverse peers to facilitate teaching development workshops
  • Share your experiences and insights with other graduate student instructors
  • Develop as an instructor by learning about evidence-based and inclusive teaching practices

Consultant Training & Duties

As a new consultant, you will receive about 7 hours of training over the course of two days just before Autumn Quarter. You’ll then work approximately 10-20 hours each quarter, at a rate of $28/hour.


  1. Be a Stanford doctoral student; preferably not entering the final year
  2. Have at least two quarters of teaching/TA experience at Stanford
  3. Have a demonstrated commitment to effective teaching, evidenced by student evaluations, teaching awards, or a faculty letter of support

Consultant Application Process

**Deadline Extended**
To apply for a position as a CTL Graduate Teaching Consultant for the 2019-2020 academic year, please send the following to Amanda Modell by 5:00 PM on Monday, May 20:

Your CV

  1. A two-page statement expressing why you want to be a Consultant and what relevant experiences, interests, background, and/or knowledge you would bring to the program. It is appropriate to address your teaching strengths and areas in which you’d like to improve, as well as personal attributes and circumstances.
  2. Your teaching evaluations--the aggregated "comments report" and "course report." Or, if teaching evaluations are not available, you may have a faculty member submit a brief recommendation letter to us. You can get a pdf of your Stanford teaching evaluations in Axess.


Contact Amanda Modell, Associate Director, Graduate Teaching Programs, for more information at any time.
408 Panama Mall