The Teaching Practice Adventure (TPA) is an annual program that provides faculty and lecturers an opportunity to expand their pedagogical toolkits by participating in classroom observations with colleagues teaching on campus, and sometimes beyond!

Teaching Practice Adventure

TPA is open to Stanford faculty and lecturers from all academic disciplines. Participants will identify teaching strategies they are interested in from major pedagogical domains, e.g. active learning, assessment, inclusive teaching. In small groups formed around similar interests we will conduct classroom observations and meet with instructors to discuss how the teaching strategy was implemented in their lesson. Finally, participants will develop a plan for incorporating the teaching strategy into their own course and implement it at their next teaching opportunity.

By the end of the Teaching Practice Adventure, you will:

  • Identify heuristics related to the effective implementation of certain teaching strategies from class observation
  • Implement a new teaching strategy in your course
  • Reflect on your own implementation of the teaching strategy

Academic Year 2019-2020

Applications are now open. Please complete the Teaching Practice Adventure application form before December 19, 2019, if you are interested in joining us on this adventure!



If you need assistance, please contact Diane Lam at

Perspectives from 2019 Participants

“I took part in the Teaching Practice Adventure to observe active learning in other large introductory STEM classes. I was surprised by the variety I observed. Each instructor or teaching team had a unique approach to active learning to suit their student population, goals, and content. By far the most useful aspect of the TPA was the opportunity to talk in depth with the faculty about why they designed the class as they did, what did or did not work well, and how they had adjusted their teaching in response. These were honest, sympathetic, and deeply helpful conversations.”

- Katherine Preston, Associate Director, Program in Human Biology